The Evolution of Self-Storage

Friday 5th June 2015

The Chinese invented the concept of self-storage around 6000 years ago. The concept revolved around clay storage pits in which valuables would be buried and then watched by full-time guards. There have been a lot of security and tech advancements since then, and thankfully now your possessions are much safer.

Storage has changed mostly in the way that security is handled (and we generally avoid burying our possessions in clay pits nowadays). Although the traditional use of a lock and key is still the most used security measure for self-storage, the rise in technology over the last decade has really aided the self-storage industry.  High-tech storage solutions are now being offered that are entirely computer operated. Tenants are prompted to enter passkeys into a key code receiver, meaning that storage units are just as safe as credit cards are.

Similarly security has been tightened in regards to who can actually wander around storage buildings. Tenants don’t have free roam of the long, maze-like corridors that are often found inside storage buildings, and instead usually only have access to certain areas, doubling security. In general though the nature of security changes depending on what’s being stored.

Storage changes massively through the development of new technologies and around every 5 years it’s advised that storage companies update their security systems. This is as well as undertaking routine maintenance and it helps to keep the systems fresh while making sure the customer is reassured that their belongings are safe.

The basics of self-storage haven’t changed but the level of security protecting peoples’ possessions has advanced significantly. If you’re looking to store your belongings and want to discuss options, get in touch with out friendly team.