Spring cleaning: How to prepare your winter wardrobe for summertime storing

Friday 29th April 2016

Storing your winter wardrobe is a fantastic way to make more space and to declutter your life. Packaging up all the thick coats, furs and knitwear that won’t make an appearance in the summer months can mean you have less clothes to look through when finding something to wear, and it means you can buy new items for your summer wardrobe. We can assist you with secure, dry clothing storage but by following these tips you’ll be sure that your clothes remain fresh, crisp and in good condition.

  1. Stains will be hard to remove after months of storage and could attract insects. Make sure your items are clean and dry before storing them.
  2. If you’re storing clothing for only a few months then try to vacuum pack it. This will keep them fresher for longer but storing them this way for a long period of time might mean the fibres become damaged so will lose shape.
  3. Expensive items and sentimental pieces such as wedding dresses or furs should not be vacuum packed as they may get damaged. Clothing bags are a good option for storing these as they won’t compromise the shape or fibres.
  4. Store your heaviest clothing items at the bottom of your containers to prevent lighter items from losing shape under their weight.
  5. Fold your knitwear. Hanging it for long periods of time may cause it to lose shape. Similarly hang suits and dresses, saving hanger space for shirts, blouses and jackets.
  6. Plastic containers protect against external influences like insects and are much better than cardboard boxes.
  7. When you remove your winter wardrobe from storage clean all of the items before wearing them to ensure they’re fresh and dry.