Summertime Storage is No Sweat!

Thursday 6th August 2015

The summer holidays are here and your house is full again no doubt! Your eldest is back from university, meaning there’s no way they’ll let you cram their room full of your family belongings and children’s toys! Plus, where are they going to put all of their stuff?

Don’t fret. It’s super easy to begin storing with us, it just takes one phone call and an assessment of how much space you’ll need. We have storage units in 22 different sizes too so if its just a few boxes or the contents of your garage, that’s no problem!

If you’re keeping your kids entertained with new bikes this summer and your garage is full to the brim with paint cans, the lawnmower and the swimming pool of one optimistic summer, pop things you don’t/won’t need into storage with us too!

It’s also a great idea to have a clear out before you store! Decluttering before you store with us will mean you need a smaller unit, keeping the price low and your home clutter free.

Give one of our lovely team members a callto find out more!